Private Reserve Medium Roast 100% Kona Coffee

Royal Kona Coffee

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Our most popular pure Kona coffee! This full-bodied, medium roast is superbly aromatic and smooth. Judged “superior” by the American Academy of Taste, this 100% certified Hawaiian Kona Coffee is the perfect finish to any occasion. Available in whole bean or all-purpose grind.


  • Weight: 0.5 lb
  • Width: 3.5 in
  • Depth: 2 in
  • Height: 5.75 in
  • Roast: Medium Roast

162 reviews

100% Kona Private Reserve

Posted by Jennifer Springsteel on July 4, 2020

I love the smooth flavor of this coffee. As someone who adds cream and sugar to other roasts that is not the case for me with Kona Coffee.

Private Reserve Medium Roast 100% Kona

Posted by Merry Tolliver on July 3, 2020

I finally treated myself! The sale was wonderful also. Love this coffee and I do not waste a drop!

100% Kona Coffee

Posted by Heather Kane Reier on July 2, 2020

Best Ever we got married in the north shore they served this coffee so my mom turned me on to ordering directly and having it shipped and you know what 100% worth it!!. Every morning ha been the best coffee morning ever

100% Kona Coffee Whole Bean

Posted by Tom Kuhn on July 2, 2020

Living here on the mainland its hard to get the real deal %100 Kona Coffee Whole Bean, This is the place to get your taste of the islands when you can’t get to the Islands.I have been a regular for 10 years, ALOHA!

Private reserve medium roast

Posted by J. Michael Beeler II on June 29, 2020

I have always enjoyed the wonderful Kona coffees.


Posted by Pamela Smith on June 27, 2020


Great as always

Posted by Linda S on June 24, 2020

Give this as gifts to coffee lovers and they enjoy it a lot.

100% Kona coffee

Posted by Jakob on June 13, 2020

Really good quality! I will be a return customer!

100% Kona

Posted by Pat Sperti on June 9, 2020

Every time I take a sip, I am back on Maui!

Kona coffee worth the price!

Posted by Marci Silver on June 8, 2020

Once you taste real Kona coffee you never want to go back to Arabica coffee . The taste is smooth like no other coffee! Ive been ordering from this company for the last 15 yrs and love the service and the products!!

100% Kona Coffee Private Reserve Medium Roast

Posted by Rai on June 8, 2020

This is wonderful coffee! The perfect way to start and end a day! My only regret is that one can’t order larger than 7oz quantities in the ground version, but otherwise, this is definitely my “go to!”

Kona Coffee

Posted by Mark Torbic on May 28, 2020

This coffee is what you think of when you want an exceptional cup of coffee. We could not be happier with a product and love this as well as other blends from HCC.