Private Reserve Medium Roast 100% Kona Coffee

Royal Kona Coffee

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Our most popular pure Kona coffee! This full-bodied, medium roast is superbly aromatic and smooth. Judged “superior” by the American Academy of Taste, this 100% certified Hawaiian Kona Coffee is the perfect finish to any occasion. Available in whole bean or all-purpose grind.


  • Weight: 0.5 lb
  • Width: 3.5 in
  • Depth: 2 in
  • Height: 5.75 in
  • Roast: Medium Roast

119 reviews

Royal Mona Coffee Private Reserve

Posted by William on March 29, 2020

My wife and I tried this coffee on our last trip to Hawaii. We like it so well we don’t mind paying the extra cost. Simply the best!!

100% private reserve med roast

Posted by David on March 29, 2020

Great tasting kona coffee. Full bodied and strong enough to wake me up on those rainy weekday mornings

100% Kona 100% Best!

Posted by Joyce Rodella on March 23, 2020

After my trip to Hawaii was cancelled due to the Pandemic, I decided to treat myself with a taste of the Islands. This is absolutely the best coffee I have ever had. Very smooth and excellent taste. Thank you for a taste of Hawaii! I will be back for more.

100% Kona Coffee Private Reserve Medium Roast

Posted by William Bahmueller on March 8, 2020

This coffee is the perfect Sunday morning breakfast coffee. We always have 2 cups.

Private Reserve Medium Roast Kona

Posted by on February 28, 2020

Best coffee I have ever had. I intend to give some as gifts this year.

100% Kona Coffee

Posted by JaneN on February 24, 2020

It is on par with Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Great coffee

Posted by Alex Sagatelian on February 21, 2020

Great coffee. I am caffeine sensitive and this coffee gives me a gentle lift without the “hard-crash” some other coffees cause in the mid-afternoon. Too bad it is rather expensive for my budget, but quality costs.

smoothest coffee I have ever had

Posted by Brent on February 9, 2020

This is the smoothest coffee I have ever had in my entire life.

You absolutely do NOT need any cream or sugar to cope with it. It is so mellow and easy to drink.

That said, I do not want just the absence of harshness and bitterness, I also want the presence of good tastes. This coffee has very subtle tasting notes. You could use the word delicate (if want to be nice) or bland (if want to be mean).

Bottom line: I will thoroughly enjoy every cup that I make of this, but I am also still on the hunt for the ultimate coffee.

I buys as gifts for friends. Everyone enjoys it and c9ntinue to ssk for more.

Posted by Christine on February 2, 2020

I’ll be back for more.

100% Royal Kona Coffee

Posted by Kathy Thornton on January 18, 2020

It doesn’t get any better than this !!!

The Best Coffee Ever

Posted by William Bryant on January 17, 2020

Ever since tasting Kona coffee when visiting the Big Island, we have always loved the smooth taste and heavenly aroma. Drinking the private reserve brought back find memories of being in Hawaii

Kona Reserve

Posted by Karen on January 9, 2020

Was a 10+ year customer at a different site. They claim there’s no more Kona coffee available because of the volcano eruptions. Guess they didn’t want me looking elsewhere. Glad I looked