Roasting Kona Coffee Since 1969

At Royal Kona Coffee, we have been roasting Kona Coffee since 1969. We offer 100% Kona Coffees, 100% Peaberry Kona Coffee, and a wide selection of flavored and gourmet 10% Kona Coffee blends. Our Chef Series coffees are exceptional blends created by world famous Hawaiian chefs and served in Hawaii’s best restaurants.

Our Coffee & Tea Family

In Hawaii, ‘ohana means family, including the extended sense. We are ‘ohana; a family of sister brands. Together by choice, working with one shared purpose; to delight you with our exquisite coffee and tea. Lion Coffee and sister brands, Royal Kona Coffee, Royal Hawaiian Coffee and Hawaiian Islands Tea are owned by Hawaii Coffee Company. Because we are a family of coffee and tea sites, you can shop all our brands from one shared shopping site.

Our Brands