To many people, the first thing they think of when they hear the word “Hawai’i” is a vacation destination in the pacific ocean – beaches, sun, and surfing… If you’re a coffee fan, however, you might think of “Kona Coffee” – coffee that has been grown in the Kona region of the island of Hawaii (commonly referred to as the “Big Island”). With tasting notes of Floral, citrus, berry and with a nutty, smooth finish – Kona coffee is the product of ideal growing conditions and a rich history of island farming.

Growing Kona Coffee in Hawaii

What is Kona coffee? Kona coffee refers to coffee that has been grown in the Kona region of the island of Hawaii – commonly referred to as the “Big Island”. With a rich history of generational farming and unique volcanic terrain, Kona is one of the most prized varieties of coffee grown in the USA.

How is coffee grown in this region, and what makes it so special?

Harvesting Kona Coffee

The aloha state is home to almost a thousand coffee farms combined, with the majority being located on the island of Hawaii (commonly referred to as the big island). Millions of pounds of coffee are produced each year, with farms in Hawaii carrying on the rich traditions of their predecessors… farmers have been harvesting Kona coffee for generations, with coffee being grown on the island since the 1800’s!

Processing Kona Coffee

There are two common methods for processing coffee – the dry process and the wet process. Although the dry process is the oldest known method of processing coffee, and is useful for producing some special sun dried varieties such as our Kona Naturals – it is not always the most practical method to use in wetter growing regions where humidity can be an issue. The Royal Kona Coffee Mill and many Kona coffee farms use the wet process.

Roasting Kona Coffee

While a coffee’s origin has a significant influence over its flavor, the roasting process is where these flavors are drawn out, enhanced and complemented. With heat, time and experience, our master roasters can take what used to be a humble coffee cherry and transform it into your favorite cup of coffee!

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