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At Royal Kona Coffee, we have been roasting Kona Coffee since 1969. We offer 100% Kona Coffees, 100% Peaberry Kona Coffee, and a wide selection of flavored and gourmet 10% Kona Coffee blends. Our Chef Series coffees are exceptional blends created by world famous Hawaiian chefs and served in Hawaii’s best restaurants.

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100% Kona Coffee

100% Kona Coffee beans from Hawaii’s Kona Coast. Our Kona Coffee is selected from the best of the Kona Coffee harvests. These big, flavorful Kona Coffee beans are expertly roasted to produce a consistent and truly gourmet coffee when brewed.

Royal Kona Flavors

Fresh, creamy coconut, buttery macadamia nuts, and more. We didn’t invent the decadent flavors of Hawaii. We just added them to our already exquisite 10% Kona Blend coffee. After roasting. By hand. Because we’re particular that way. Go ahead. Indulge!

Classic Royal Kona

Enjoy classic 10% Kona blends and our Signature Series Hawaiian Chef roasts. Our Hawaii Chef Series coffees are exceptional Hawaiian and Kona Coffee blends created by Hawaii’s top chefs and served in Hawaii’s best restaurants.

Single Cups

Unlike most Single Serve Cups, ours have 11 grams of coffee in every cup. Most Single Serve Cups only contain 10 grams. While 1 gram might not sound like much, it’s 1/2 teaspoon. And shorting your cup by half a teaspoon is like shorting a pot of coffee by 1 1/3 full coffee scoops. We put more flavor in your cup!

Royal Kona Decaf

Our decaffeinated coffees are veritable proof that you can cut down on caffeine without giving up the exquisite flavored coffee that you love so much. Drink it straight or mix it half and half with the caffeinated version. Decaf makes a great after-dinner coffee. All the flavor you love, without the caffeine.


A gift of Aloha makes a wonderful and appreciated gift for your favorite coffee lover. Our giftboxes are a crowd favorite and offer a taste of the Islands that will be enjoyed and remembered. Plus, enjoy discounted bundles of your favorite taste of the Islands. Shipped from Hawaii, with Aloha.