Chocolate Macadamia 10% Kona Blend Coffee

Royal Kona Coffee

$7.95 - $8.95


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Product Description

A smooth Kona blend with the richness of milk chocolate and the exotic flavor of macadamia nut. A favorite combination of flavors sure to bring a smooth start to your day. Also a perfect compliment for after dinner beverages. As with all Royal Kona Coffees, this blend is gluten free and does not contain nut allergens.


  • Weight: 0.55 lb
  • Width: 3.5 in
  • Depth: 2.75 in
  • Height: 8.25 in
  • Roast: Light-Medium Roast

25 reviews

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Kona Coffee

Posted by Jim on May 15, 2020

Enjoyed the coffee and found the flavor excellent. Will definitely purchase mine when our supply gets low.

Chocolate Macadamia

Posted by Karen O'Donnell on May 9, 2020

Love this coffee. Tried it in Hawaii and now when I drink it It takes me there.

My favorite flavor

Posted by LB on April 10, 2020

This is my favorite (and my husband’s favorite) coffee flavor ever. We are never without a bag of this coffee. So delicious you can’t just stop at one cup.

Always enjoyable with Memories of the islands

Posted by William Kase on March 29, 2020

Can I get a larger shipment?

Great coffee

Posted by Dan on February 23, 2020

Smooth and pleasant. Slight chocolate flavor followed by nutty flavors

10% Kona blend

Posted by Steve Schulman on February 3, 2020

Love the coffee but wish it came in whole bean…

No chocolate flavor

Posted by Laura P on January 17, 2020

I did not get the chocolate flavor with this. It was very smooth although the flavor was off.

Best Coffee Ever

Posted by Shannon on January 16, 2020

Smooth chocolate flavor with subtle hint of macadamia – no bitterness – our adult kids came for a visit and drank most of our stash! I sent a few bags home with them and had to order more.

Chocolate Macadamia Nut 10% Kona Coffee Blend

Posted by Judy Cobb on January 3, 2020

I received this coffee for Christmas. I cannot stop drinking it! It’s Jan. 3 and I’ve drank it all and buying more!! I’m already going into Choc Macadamia withdrawal. Patiently waiting.

Chocolate Macadamia 10% Kona Blend Coffee

Posted by Lois Finke on April 8, 2019

I’m not a Coffee or Tea drinker, but do have friends that visit periodically that Rave especially, about this particular blend. Thanks for being there for us!!

Chocolate Macadamia

Posted by Pat Immele on February 23, 2019

I was in Hawaii about 4 years ago and tried the Chocolate Macadamia Coffee. I have not purchased another brand since. I stock up when I’m nearly out and there are sale notices in my email. I love the flavor and smoothness.


Posted by April on February 8, 2019

Love the chocolate and vanilla macadamia nut coffee.
The taste is great along with the just can’t go wrong with either.The pumpkin is great also