10% Kona Single Serve Pod Variety Pack

Royal Kona Coffee

$59.95 - $64.95


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Product Description

This pack is a great way to stock up on two of our favorite Kona blends and enjoy the convenience and great value of our single serve coffee pods at the same time! While most single serve pods only contain ten grams of coffee… ours contain eleven! Although one gram might not sound like much, it’s the equivalent of half a teaspoon. This pack gives you 72 pods in total – enough to keep the coffee fans at home or in the office happy!


  • Three boxes of Roy’s Pacific Roast 10% Kona Blend Single Serve Coffee Pods: Created by famed chef Roy Yamaguchi and served in his award winning restaurants, this blend is a perfect dark roast and a great way to finish a meal. Each box contains 12 single cup pods.
  • Three boxes of Vanilla Macadamia 10% Kona Blend Single Serve Coffee Pods: Lightly roasted with the intoxicating aroma of vanilla and a subtle background of tropical Macadamia. Each box contains 12 single cup pods. 


    Compatible with most KEURIG™ K-CUP™ Brewing Systems. Not for KEURIG™ VUE™.

    LION™ Coffee is not affiliated with KEURIG, INC.

    KEURIG™, K-CUP™ and VUE™ are registered trademarks of KEURIG, INC.


  • Weight: 1.74 lb
  • Width: 11.5 in
  • Depth: 11.25 in
  • Height: 3.75 in
  • Product Line: Bundle

6 reviews

First time purchase

Posted by Carrie on May 8, 2020

I decided to take advantage of a coupon and tried something new. My family enjoys the robust cup of coffee to kick off the day. Will definitely purchase again.

Kona Royal -vanilla macadamia coffee

Posted by Gretchen VandenBerg on April 30, 2020

Absolutely my favorite coffee with a robust flavor yet smooth. Enjoy it each morning.


Posted by K Liz on April 16, 2020

Outstanding. Rich and robust. Sent some boxes as Easter gifts and they are enjoying your coffee too!

Very tasty

Posted by Adrienne Dunigan Woods on February 15, 2020

Im impressed, and so was my family

Royal Kona Coffee

Posted by Steve Shockman on July 1, 2019

I have been a fan of Royal Kona Coffee. That is all I drink at home. I have been a customer since 1985. Some Grocery stores here is the states carry it now so I haven’t had to order it on line but the Pod cups are fairly new and I love them at work. All my coworkers love it as well. Thank you for roasting the best coffee in the world.

10% Kona Single-Serve Variety Pack

Posted by Brent L Spencer on December 29, 2018

The delicious taste of Kona coffee is exceptional..!