Chefs of Hawaii Gourmet Coffee Tripack

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Alan Wong, Roy Yamaguchi and Sam Choy have worked with Hawaii Coffee Company to create custom coffee blends to serve in their award winning restaurants. These three chefs are among the twelve chefs who started the Hawaii Regional Cuisine Movement, and have become synonymous with the best Hawaii gourmet experiences. Taste the coffees paired with their amazing food with this gourmet collection.


This bundle contains:

  • 1x Alan Wong’s Medium Roast 10% Ka’u blend (7oz, ground): Ka’u coffee beans are quickly becoming recognized around the globe for their intense flavor, ideal growing climate and rich coffee heritage on Hawaii Island.
  • 1x Roy’s Pacific Roast 10% Kona blend (8oz, ground): The favorite finish to a meal by Chef Yamaguchi, and served in his award winning restaurants. A bit on the darker side of a Vienna Roast done to perfection every time.
  • 1x Sam Choy’s Volcano Roast 10% Kona blend. (8oz, ground): Served in Sam’s award-winning restaurant, this medium dark custom roast is the perfect finish to his gourmet meals.


  • Weight: 1.65 lb
  • Width: 10.5 in
  • Depth: 2.75 in
  • Height: 8.25 in

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