Vanilla Macadamia 10% Kona Blend Coffee

Royal Kona Coffee

$7.95 - $44.95


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Product Description

Enjoy the taste of our blended Kona Coffee augmented with all natural Vanilla and Macadamia Nut flavorings. What better way to be whisked away on smooth, tropical breezes!


  • Weight: 0.55 lb
  • Width: 3.5 in
  • Depth: 2.75 in
  • Height: 8.25 in
  • Roast: Light-Medium Roast

26 reviews

My favorite. Very smooth tasting and natural taste.

Posted by Ilona on March 15, 2020

Would recommend. Much better then any store bought brand

Great Coffee!!!

Posted by EW-L on February 24, 2020

Tried this coffee while in Hawaii in 2005 and have been ordering ever since. It is the absolute best flavor and aroma. Once you taste it you’ll be hooked for life. Great coffee.

Vanilla Macademia

Posted by Kenneth Øyen-Eriksen on February 19, 2020

Amazing coffee that is really good, the smell, the taste, all is fantastic. So good, we purchase this coffee all the way from Norway.


Posted by on January 24, 2020

Very smooth, not bitter at all

Don’t start your day without it!

Posted by Rhonda Moore on January 20, 2020

While on vacation, we visited this establishment and did not choose to subscribe to having it delivered to our home. After we used what we had purchased we were so disappointed in ourselves that we didn’t get a subscription.

Great flavor!

Posted by Jenny on January 7, 2020

It’s hard to go back to regular grocery store coffee after this amazing flavor 10% kona!

Vanilla macadamia 10% kona blend

Posted by Alfredo Rangel on December 28, 2019

Excellent coffee, memories of home

Tastes like vacation!

Posted by Jayne H. on December 26, 2019

We took a family trip to Maui this summer and our rental had this coffee. Every morning we sat on the deck enjoying the beautiful view and drinking this delicious coffee. I bought everyone a bag for Christmas.

It is real good,

Posted by Anna Schweder on October 12, 2019

I spoiled my grandson, he likes the 100% Kona coffee.
Thank you.

Vanilla Macadamia Nut Kona Coffee Blend

Posted by Julie Griffin on August 13, 2019

Delicious with a smooth taste.. It’s not too strong or bitter like some coffee but mild yet very enjoyable.

Vanilla Macadamia

Posted by Christopher B Sheffield on June 3, 2019

My favorite flavor coffee, been hooked on it since 2011 while in Hawaii on our 10th anniversary. Great company to deal with and great coffee.

Vanilla Macadamian Coffee

Posted by Nancylea on March 28, 2019

Love receiving this coffee reminds us of the relaxing wonderful time in Maui! The smells the sights everything! Thanks so much!