Roy’s Decaf Pacific Roast 10% Kona Coffee Blend

Royal Kona Coffee

$8.95 - $9.95


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Product Description

The favorite finish to a meal by Chef Yamaguchi, and served in his award winning restaurants. A bit on the darker side of a Vienna Roast done to perfection every time. Now you can enjoy this specialty blend after your own meals!

Chef Series Coffees are proprietary blends created by Hawaii’s own legendary Chefs and served exclusively in their restaurants; no where else. Contains at least 10% Kona Coffee beans.


  • Weight: 0.55 lb
  • Width: 3.5 in
  • Depth: 2.75 in
  • Height: 8.25 in
  • Roast: Medium-Dark Roast

5 reviews

Royal Kona Coffee; Roy's Decaf Roast 10% Kona

Posted by Peka on August 1, 2019

Best decaf Coffee ever!

Not bad

Posted by Laura on July 22, 2019

Roy’s Decaf Pacific Roast isn’g bad, however. I think the Mountain Roast is smoother taster and more to my liking!

Excellent coffee

Posted by Sean on March 28, 2019

I ordered this not knowing what to expect, other than knowing I like darker roast coffees… It’s nice, and it has a light flavor, to the point where I can drink it practically all day.

Amazing Decaf!

Posted by J.P. on January 11, 2018

This is a really great blend that will surprise you with its full flavor, especially for a decaf coffee. It is not bitter, which is nice for a darker roast. I really like the Sam Choy’s as well. Roy’s is a bit stronger and great at breakfast to start your day. Both are excellent – it really depends on how dark a roast that you like. I would recommend both if you want a great cup of decaf without sacrificing flavor. For best results, I recommend an Aeropress and inverted brewing.

without a doubt, the best decaf

Posted by Anon on May 20, 2015

I’ve tried many decaf coffees but this is my first taste of Roy’s . It is simply wonderful–smooth, no bitter aftertaste, full-bodied enough so I wouldn’t even guess it is decaf. You won’t be disappointed–I wasn’t.