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Unlike most Single Serve Cups, our Single Serve Cups have 11 grams of coffee in every cup. Most Single Serve Cups only contain 10 grams. While 1 gram might not sound like much, it’s 1/2 teaspoon. And shorting your cup by half a teaspoon is like shorting a pot of coffee by 1 1/3 full coffee scoops. Which explains why so many Single Serve coffees taste a bit weak. They are weak, because they have less coffee in every cup.

Our coffee pods are compatible with most KEURIG™ K-CUP™ Brewing Systems. Not for KEURIG™ VUE™. Royal Kona Coffee is not affiliated with KEURIG, INC. KEURIG™, K-CUP™ and VUE™ are registered trademarks of KEURIG, INC.

10% Kona Single Serve Pod Variety Pack

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$59.95 - $64.95